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Speaking Engagements


American Hospital Association: Rural Health Continuum of Care

Developing a cohesive network of collaboration, quality and satisfaction goes up and cost goes down

Presentation integrated how rural hospitals can play a role in the continuum of care model where previously they had been absent. How the urban system is able to address their satisfaction score and their readmission rates, which impacts reimbursement. How to make the rural provider part of the urban system discharge plan. Greater continuity and quality of care because there is not a disconnect between care providers.

Kansas Foundation for Medical Care: Health Education in Rural Communities

Recruiting high school students to pursue a career in nursing while still in high school

Addressed the realities of healthcare in rural community including workforce shortages, geographic isolation, diminishing economics, and low healthcare margins. Developed a satellite nursing program concept. Program for high school freshmen to get their CNA before turning 18 years old, positioning them to obtain an RN.

American College of Healthcare Executives: Integrating Patient-Centered Care

Creating an environment that is conductive to patient care

Spoke on the importance of the patient care environment impacting patient care. Includes things such as comfort in the waiting room. Gave a real-life example of how instituting a water cart and placing a television in waiting room dramatically improved patient-care satisfaction scores.

Governor’s Rural Health Taskforce: New Model of Rural Healthcare

New Rural Health Model: Change is Scary, Change is Inevitable, Change Must Happen

In the new model of healthcare, patient and family satisfaction scores weigh heavily into the decision and the reimbursement. Rural hospitals make a substantial imprint on local economies. Discussed ideas and patient-care concepts to improve health services, moving the healthcare system toward care that is safe, effective, efficient, patient/community-centered timely and equitable for the entire service area as well as individual patients.