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Focus on Culture for Patient and Family Care: Beyond the Medicine

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As healthcare (including acute care, nursing homes, home health and all downstream providers) moves towards a greater focus on patient/family satisfaction, the model of healthcare must also evolve, for both the government and patients/families will be closely reviewing these in determining healthcare provider(s) of choice. A satisfied patient is a more compliant patient, making for a more engaged patient. Providers at every level must now move beyond the patient centered approach, into an understanding of the patient/family perspective and be willing and able to convert input to action and measurable goals, benefiting staff, patients and families.

We (leaders) may be in prominent positions, but ours are not more significant.

  • Those interacting with, caring for and treating patients/families have significant importance.

Everything that everyone does every day creates the patient and family care experience

  • To include all staff: patient care, admissions, reception, food service, maintenance, housekeeping, laundry, etc.

Trickle down communications (in standard pyramid) does not work.

  • We cannot simply communicate (tell), but must listen.

Leadership must be out and interacting with front-line staff to assess needs, so they in turn can address the desires of patients and families beyond the medicine.

  • Assign responsibility not tasks.

The Board must support the CEO who in turn supports department heads and empower staff.

  • CEO must be able to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.

  • Employees will be our story – and in turn, share our story with the community. Most cost effective and impactful marketing and community relations resource.

Measure what matters.

  • We get what we measure – and celebrate.

  • An empowered staff to address psycho-social needs of families to accompany the incredible patient care already provided.