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Addressing Psychosocial Healthcare for Children and Families

“With pediatrics, we focus on the emotional aspects – for both parent and child – as much as the medical care, says Roger Barnhart, CEO of Ashland Health Center. “Beyond the medicine, our staff, services and facilities must offer psychosocial support to the parent, enabling them to continue providing the much needed emotional support to the child.”

Converting Licensure from Long Term Care to Swing Beds

“As various residents have Long-Term Care insurance, we made certain and called the insurance providers personally,” says Barnhart. “With each, it was confirmed that there would be no issues. Without disruption, the Long-Term Care insurance will continue to provide coverage under the swing bed licensure.” 

What is the Wiederhold Mentor Program?

With over 25 years in the healthcare industry, Wiederhold and Associates has one of the largest and most effective networks in the United States. Our mentor program takes this network connection one step deeper. It gives the Mentor and the Mentee the opportunity to use common experiences to glean further insight into life and career situations. There is no stronger bond than those created through shared experience.

Providing the Right Care at the Right Place and Time

“We are grateful to be here and provide care for Sara and Adrian when they need it,” says Roger Barnhart, CEO of Ashland Health Center. “When caring for our community, our task is always providing the right care, in the right place at the right time.”

Small Providers With Big Ideas

Anderson recently left AHC to lead another rural Kansas hospital. As of August, new CEO Roger Barnhart—who has a background in both health care administration and long-term care administration—was in his third week on the job. The mission focus had a great deal to do with attracting him here from Kansas City. “I was immediately amazed to see the level of caring among staff,” he says. “This is not just what they do; it’s who they are.”

Hospice Room

The Hospice Room idea was presented to the ACF in a grant requested by Roger Barnhart of AHC.  The hospice room's intent is to create a home-like environment within the hospital, to provide a special comfort and aid to those in a difficult time of life. 

Ashland Health Center and Community Foundation Collaborative

“When facing a terminal illness, we must provide compassionate care not just to the patient, but their loved ones. Everyone is often facing anxiety, grief and stress,” says Roger Barnhart, CEO of Ashland Health Center. “Frequently, a hospice patient is more accepting of the situation than is the family. Beyond medicine, we must also address the psychosocial aspects of mind, body and spirit for friends and family.”

2014 Quality Forum-Conference Agenda and Handouts

he 2014 Quality Forum was held June 5 at the Wichita Marriott. This one-day empowering event provided tools and real-life experiences that could be implemented into any healthcare setting. Below is the agenda and a link to view the event brochure containing detailed information regarding the day's events and registration information.

Services to Help Rural Hospitals Save Time and Money

“GPHA provides strength of numbers that no single entity could achieve on their own.” — Roger Barnhart, CEO – Ashland Health Center